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IHC table: TUO Mucinous Carcinomas
IHC table: Carcinomas of Unknown Origin
IHC table: Renal Carcinomas
IHC table: Germ Cell Tumors
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Molecular and IHC Tests

Prostate Carcinoma Worksheet

Specimen Data


Clinical PSA value

Tumor Data
Carcinoma Type:

Primary Gleason Grade:

Secondary Gleason Grade:

Tertiary Gleason Grade:

Extent of Tumor
Extent of Tumor Within Prostate

Seminal Vesicle Involvement

Perineural Invasion

Angiolymphatic Invasion

Invasion of Other Organs
Laterality Involvement

Centrality of Tumor (Optional)

Extraprostatic Extension and Margins:

Lymph Node Status

lymph nodes.
of nodes.

Metastasis Status
Tissue submitted and NEGATIVE for metastatic disease
Tissue submitted and POSITIVE for metastatic disease

Treatment Effect


Other Findings


Free-text Comments
Final Report